Prost Prost Prost! Bierfest at the Marco Polo Hotel

On Saturday night we had a staff night out in Kowloon for the 22nd annual German bierfest held in the Marco Polo Hotel. The event is held in the car park of the hotel in an open aired marquee with a stunning view of Victoria Harbour. We got there early to stock up on jugs of the German beer Löwenbräu during the happy hour between 6-7, of course this was to be drank strictly from the souvenir mug given to you on arrival!

There was a range of German delicacies; sausages, pork knuckle (which was fab!) big pretzels and gingerbread. We got the food in shortly after arriving, which was fortunate as the German band 'Die Notenholber' had everyone either on the dance floor or standing on the benches within about five minutes of coming on stage - trying to sit down to eat after this time would have just been impossible. They held all kinds of competitions from horn blowing to drinking - both of which involved people from our table. They also had us doing lots traditional German dances - at one point we had to take our shoes of to clap them over our head, the chicken dance also cropped up several times throughout the night.

The last Bierfest of 2013 is this Saturday, the event is running every night of the weekend until then, go and experience the brilliant atmosphere for yourself!

Tickets and more information here.

Prost Prost Prost!

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