Tai O's Infinity Pool

Tai O's infinity pool in pictures.
It can take a bit of effort to find the first time, but persevere, it's well worth it. 

The start of the short Hike from Tai O fishing village.

 If you see this you're on the right track - Look out for the red fire hydrant marked 470.

Here it is.

 The pool is a man-made dam which is fed into by a natural waterfall. This waterfall runs all the way down the mountain, there are several other freshwater pools going down the mountain (around 9, i'm told) which you can also swim in.
This pool is completely natural and found lower down the mountain.

Swim across to the other side, the view is incredible, bear in mind the water is VERY cold in the winter months.

(Photographs thanks to Mark Fitzgibbons

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