Freeing HK

“We’ve had 3D movies for a while now. 4D has come out, too, but what about 5D or 6D? What if, instead of only watching a film, we could one day take part in the actual story?”
Instant Wan, co-founder.
 (Quote found on the timeout hk article on freeing)

Freeing HK is a reality escape game where you and your friends are trapped in a themed room full of codes and puzzles, you have 45minutes to break the codes and escape back to the real world. Located in an unassuming commercial centre in Tsim Sha Tsui (there are also venues in Mong Kok, Yuen Long, Causeway Bay and Kwung Tong). We opted for the 'gold rush' theme, we appeared to be in the basement of a brewery with frantic western music playing in the background. Our reality escape began with us all being handcuffed together around and tied up to a wooden post, we were left a clue sheet to help us figure out how to complete the first challenge - to get out of the handcuffs. We failed at this first hurdle and had to call in on our safety tip. I think there was a little translation issue with this clue as it still didn't make sense even after we were told what to do.
Anyway, I wont give anymore of the story away, a few of the props weren't working properly at the start which slowed us down a little, but we progressed eventually. Although not all that far - we only got through one of three doors. This is a tough game of logic, we were also in a group of eight which we felt was probably too many as everyone was running around doing different things, a group of four or five would perhaps have been ideal. Or maybe we just need to work on our team work...

Book on the freeinghk website.

Prices vary - our goldrush experience was $168/per person.

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