Great Dining Experiences in Hong Kong

One of my friends from home just recently came to visit me. While I was planning my trip it struck me that a lot of the places I was most excited about showing him were food related. It is unsurprising really, Hong Kong is truly a foodies paradise. Dining is always a big part of the 'Hong Kong' experience I try to deliver to anyone who comes to visit. This list, of course, is minuscule in comparison to all the great eats there are to experience in this city, but here are a couple of go-to restaurant's which I always put on my itinerary for visitors (as well in go to regularly myself). I feel they give a good all round experience of Hong Kong food culture, without breaking the bank (I absolutely love having visitors, but it is expensive!)

Mui Kee

A great local restaurant (now just around the corner from me) which I actually discovered back when I lived in Yuen Long. My uncle was staying in the Stanford around the corner when we completely by chance discovered this gem. One of my favourite Chinese restaurants, a good selection of food, cheap beer (if you choose to drink Harbin, you'll be drinking from a bowl) very tasty and the vibe is very cool - almost like a dai pai dong but you're inside. This one is better, as often is the case, in a group, we usually end up paying about $120 each, for a lot of food and a beer or two!

B/F, Kimberley Plaza, 45 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Mr Wong's

I've definitely mentioned the infamous Mr Wong on my blog before, I'm sure! Always at the top of my 'places to eat' when I have a visitor. Not only is the food fantastic (Chinese), Mr Treeball Wong is something of a legend around these parts. At $60 for all you can eat and drink, you really can't go wong! (sorry, couldn't resist..) A fun dining experience.

10 Shamchun Street, Mong Kok

This can be somewhat tricky to find.. approaching Langham place from ladies market side, walking in front of H&M and keep walking straight (towards olympic) it will be on the third street to your left. There's a big white sign with red Chinese writing above).

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is more of a seasonal thing, but really you can go anytime of the year.. they put the air conditioning on arctic settings during the summer so you can still enjoy a hotpot without melting into a broth yourself during the sweltering summer months. Anyway, this is another great group dining experience. Choose your broth, pick what you want to cook and cook it all yourself. (personal favourite, potatoes and bean curd stick cooked in the spicy pot.. ho mei). There are many hotpot restaurants all over Hong Kong. I really do need to try out more this winter. We more often than not will go to Little Sheep (the last two places I have lived have been right around the corner from one, conveniently). Around $200 each, all you can eat and all you can drink beer while the hotpot is on.

There numerous Little Sheep restaurants around Hong Kong, find your nearest branch here.

Chungking Mansions

A Hong Kong experience like no other, Chunking Mansions is definitely a must visit. Leave the busy, well ordered streets of Hong Kong and enter another world. Not only is this a fascinating place to walk around, there are some amazing indian eateries. Although we haven't even scratched the surface in this place, Khyber Pass is definitely my favourite (that I've been to). Expect to pay around $100 per person.

Shop E2, Block E, Chungking Mansion, 36-34 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Again, this can be a little difficult to find. They usually have staff around the entrance to Chungking Mansions who will take you directly to the restaurant, so ask around. Even those who don't work there will know where it is and point you the right way!

One Dim Sum

Dim Sum - Hong Kong's most famous dish, so a must to put on the schedule if you are visiting! I love One Dim Sum, a small restaurant very close to Prince Edward MTR station. Authentic, local vibe, great food, very cheap (expect to pay $60-$100 per person) and it has one Michelin star. There is usually a queue but it goes down really quickly.

Shop 1 & 2, Playing Field Road, Prince Edward (just around the corner from MTR exit A)

Good Luck Thai - Central

Thai is definitely one of my favourite cuisines, so I try to fit in at least one good Thai meal into the eating itinerary for guests. This is my most recent restaurant discovery (actually made when my friend was visiting), there aren't many Thai restaurants I've been to in Hong Kong that I really rate, other than old favourite Eggplant in Yuen Long, which is too far for me to go just for dinner now. So I was really happy when we decided to eat here by chance and the food was so good. The atmosphere down Wing Wah Lane (a.k.a. "rat alley".. although probably best not to mention that when praising a restaurant!) is brilliant, lots of alfresco South-East Asian restaurants surround it, great cocktails and if you want to hang around for a bit longer you can smoke some shisha. The owner "Elvis" is quite a character as well.
As the restaurant is nestled between Lan Kwai Fong and Soho, it's a great place to start a night out. In fact, I would highly recommend going up the fairy light lit staircase nearby into the bar covered in leaves (Le Jardin), afterwards. Good Luck have just opened their second branch on Lamma island, right by the ferry pier.
This is probably the most expensive place on my list (Central prices..) expect a bill to be more around the $200 mark including one drink.

G/F Wing Wah Lane, central

I'm also a big fan of Thai Hut, a hole in the wall Thai restaurant in Wan Chai. Genuinely good food, cheap, cheerful and a great location to start a night out.

87 Luard Road, Wan Chai


Moving even further away from Chinese food.. if you're looking for a quick bite, or craving some western food, head to Paisano's! A New York style Pizzeria which sells head-sized slices of pizza. $40 For a slice of Pepperoni AND a beer during happy hour. The service (in the TST branch anyway) is often terrible, but it's worth it for the novelty of the pizza size and the cheap, cheesiness of it all.. so much cheese..

There are several branches around Hong Kong, check out your closest one here.

Of course, one of the greatest joys of visiting anywhere (and this is particularly effective in Hong Kong) is to just wander the streets and stumble into a potentially fantastic restaurant.

Any other dining experiences I should check out in Hong Kong?

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