Pop-up Parties in Hong Kong

There appears to be something of a pop-up revolution reshaping nightlife in Hong Kong (or maybe I'm just late to the party..?) In recent months, I've noticed more and more 'pop-up' parties literally popping up all over the place. I've attended a few and, well, they've been really great, just what I feel is missing from Hong Kong's often overly pretentious nightlife. These events appear to be attracting a really great crowd of people, good music and excellent settings. Some of these events are taking place on rooftops all over Hong Kong, so if the crowd and music weren't good enough, you can also soak up the views and general amazingness of being in the midst of Hong Kong's skyline. I've compiled a selection are groups who are putting on these pop-up parties, so take your pick and enjoy.


Held at the Penthouse by Harlan Goldstein in The Midtown, Causeway Bay. This free party boasts a million dollar view, reasonably priced drinks, a cool crowd and very funky music. Definitely a winner. Their last event was only their third event and they were full to capacity for quite a while.

Photo's taken from Rewind's Facebook page, photo credits to Jason Dean Cooper.

George Lucas Reggae Movement

One of the OoOH HK guys pop-up events. Similar vibe to rewind, but strictly reggae. The location has so far varied from Shek O beach to the legendary Azure rooftop. There have so far only been three events of this sort, and they're already a sell out. Chilled out reggae Sundays, a dream combination.


Botellón, Spanish for "big bottle". Another OoOH HK number, currently on Botellón XII. With the aim to bring a touch of European lifestyle to Hong Kong, in the simplest of manners, this event has unsurprisingly been a huge hit. This is basically a mass gathering of people at the amphitheatre in LKF, the organisers get the music spinning then the rest of the party is down to the crowd, bring your own bottle of something and immerse yourself with this open-minded group of Hong Kongers.

 Join the OoOH HK Facebook group to keep updated about these two event series.

*OoOH HK stands for Out of the Ordinary Happenings in Hong Kong, incase you were wondering.

Little Burro Block Party

Not only does Little Burro serve brilliant burritos, they put on a great party. Now on event number 4, the Little Burro block parties are not one to miss (unless you're like me and have to work.. hopefully I will make it to one over the summer when my schedule will change and free up my Saturdays). So anyway, I found this little quote on their event page and thought there was no way I could possibly make the event sound more appealing.

"With a (dope!) line up of guest DJs and musicians playing throughout the day, margaritas on tap, kegs flowing and burritos rolled to order, we are daytime drinking. Again. Did we stop?"

It sounds perfect, really it does. 

Unknown Pleasures

So, this series of pop-up parties hasn't event launched yet. I checked out the event page and saw that it will be held on a, yet to be disclosed, rooftop in Sheung Wan, up-and-coming artists will be playing and it's BYOB. That combination is sure to be a massive success! Definitely one to watch. Part one will be held on May 30th, the link to the event is in the title.

Any other similar event series to recommend? Please let me know!

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  1. Wow it seems the party was a blast. Well it’s been long time I did not planned for a grand party. Now I am thinking to give party on my birthday to all my dear friends. DO I need to hire an event planning team for that?