Shipwreck on Cheung Chau

Over a month a go a Vietnamese cargo ship carrying 2,800 tonnes of cement overturned, it was just after it had stopped to refuel in Hong Kong on its journey from the Guangdong province to Indonesia. The shipwreck is still abandoned on the coast of Cheung Chau where it is attracting many photographers and explorers, we went to check it out for ourselves the other weekend.

First we had a look around the centre of Cheung Chau island, I was under the impression that Cheung Chau was a quieter, more local version of Lamma - this is not the case at all. It is certainly more local but definitely not quieter, we could hardly move for people in the centre! At first we thought we had accidently visited on the day of the renowned Bun festival, but it was just a normal Sunday. It was the first warm and sunny weekend a quite a while, which might have contributed to the masses of people, I might have to go back another time to get a proper feel for the town centre.

Anyway, as soon as we left the town centre is was much more peaceful, we headed to the highest point in Cheung Chau - the North Lookout Pavillion, as I was told you could see the ship from here. It is only about a 20-30 minute walk from the ferry pier. 

It was the first really clear day in a while and the resulting panoramic view from the lookout point really was spectacular. You can look down on all of Cheung Chau island on one side and on the other you can see over to Lamma. It was such a clear and beautiful day that we could even see the ICC all the way over on Kowloon side, and the waters of Tung Wan were glowing a brilliant turquoise to set it al off. 

Looking over Cheung Chau (or 'dumbbell island', due to its shape)

The Shipwreck, Lamma Island and Hong Kong Island all in one view.

A view of the ship from the rubbish strewn beach.

Take the ferry from central pier no. 5, you will see signposts to the North Lookout Pavilion as soon as you depart the ferry. Bring a camera and a picnic.

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