Exploring Sai Kung Town

On a very welcome Friday off school last week Jess and I hopped on one a red minibus at the bottom of Dundas street which took us all the way to Sai Kung town in about 30 minutes.
We didn't really have a plan for the day, it was a little to cold for the beach, so we just planned to have a wander around and see what Sai Kung had to offer. 

To start off we thought it would be nice to check out one of the islands.. we had barely got to the pier when 'Auntie Wah' was ushering us onto her boat (after proudly showing us an interview with her that had been published in a newspaper of some sort). She charged us $40 dollars to take us to the island of our choice, and asked us when she should come and pick us up again, great service from Auntie Wah! We chose to go to the nearby Sharp island, only 15 minutes away by boat, we felt that 2 hours would be sufficient to explore..

It turned out that there wasn't an awful lot for us to do on Sharp Island on this slightly cooler day, the tide was all the way in so we were restricted to the rather small pier home to one refreshment shop. When the tide is low enough there is another small island which you can walk to, I'd definitely like to come back when the weather's a bit better. Anyway, we had just under two hours to wait for Auntie Wah to pick us up with very little to do, so this happened....

we had a pretty nice view too

Luckily Auntie Wah arrived with another small boat load a bit earlier than planned, so feeling a little merry we made out way back to Sai Kung town ready to explore a little more. We walked past all the seafood restaurants along the promenade (picking out our restaurant for later) and discovered a few real gems. A lovely bookshop selling lots of children's books, I pick up a lovely Winnie the Pooh storybook which will be perfect for the kids I tutor. 
After the bookshop we discovered a wonderful cheese and wine shop called 'The Dutch' that sold massive big circular blocks of Cheese, you could buy smaller portions of the cheese at very reasonable prices (compared to Hong Kong's usual cheese prices anyway) and best of all, for $100 you could have 2 glasses of wine and a platter of cheese of your choice. We sat outside overlooking the fishing boats feeling very content indeed.

The final little gem we found on our stroll around the town was an organic shop called eCosway, they sold a huge range of things, from peanut butter to household cleaning products, all of which are made from organic products and things that are not harmful to us or to the environment. Using organic and environmentally friendly things is something I think is very important, and these products were just as cheap as any in the supermarkets. As eCosway is a chain store with branches all over Hong Kong (and the world!) I signed up for a membership for $60.

We finished our day with a lovely seafood meal, we had shrimps, clams and even lobster (and more beer..) for about $180 a head. Maybe Sai Kung would be a good spot to relocate to next year..

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