Kayaking in Sai Kung

I finally went kayaking in Sai Kung, on probably the foggiest day of the year. The fog actually made it pretty cool, the water was so still and white, it was really eerily beautiful. I had been kayaking once before in Thailand, I remember the paddling being really hard on the arms. These kayaks however seem much easier to manoeuvre, I think they were a lot longer and more streamlined than the kayaks we had used in Thailand. Although, we had been advised that the one man kayaks could be a bit rocky, so us girls opted for the two man kayak. Safety in numbers...

We had an explore around some nearby islands, we saw a few interesting things, including a shipwreck! The mast was just under the surface of the water near an island, the water was clear enough to see down to where the boat was, very creepy indeed.
I'm definitely going to do this again in the summer, it'd be a great way to find a deserted island to spend the day.

We hired the kayaks from Blue Sky Sports Club, the kayaks were either $150 for a one man kayak or $250 for a two man kayak. It is very conveniently located, you just walk all the way along the Sai Kung Pier (in the opposite direction to all the seafood restaurants) and you will arrive there, at Sha Ha Road. If you're a dog lover, that walk is great for a spot of dog watching too.

We met the director, Bryan, there. He's a great guy, very accommodating. He told us about a house that the company owns which they hire out for parties and events. It's on an island about an hour boat ride from Sai Kung, apparently it sleeps around 20 people. So having a party there has been added to our bucket lists.

We finished the day off, as has become routine for our Sai Kung days, with dinner at Mandy's Private Caribbean Kitchen (blog post coming soon) and a drink at The Bottle Shop.

Thanks to Jamie for making this video of our day kayaking!

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