Music Event Organisers in Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong, however something that i've always felt is lagging far behind my home country is the music scene. Saying that, there are quite a few music event organisers around which put on some fantastic events and who are all working really hard towards one goal, having a thriving music scene here in Hong Kong.
Each group specialises in slightly different genres and they all have their own unique style of putting on events, so hopefully there should be something here to please everyone!

The newest of all the groups on my list, they rebranded themselves in January 2015, formally known as EDM Freaks. As their former name suggests, they generally host Dj's specialising in electronic dance music. Under their new brand they've already brought several big names to Hong Kong including DJ Chuckie, Sunnery and James and Hook and Sling. Under their recent rebranding they are looking to bring even more variety of music to Hong Kong, so watch this space.

I've been a fan of these guys since first attending their warehouse party in Kwun Tong, what a night that was! These guys throw a varied mixture of events from DJ's such as Simian Mobile Disco in Fly, Brunches in Ovolo, to their recently started NiteBite events, a magical combination of food and drinks. The packages for their NiteBite series include free flow food and drinks at locations such as Boqueria, along with some top quality Dj's of course!
I'm still waiting for warehouse party part 2...
Oh, and rumour has it the event organisers actually live on a boat. How cool is that?!

For all you indie music lovers, these event organisers are a must! Ran by the lovely Lammaites Mike and Jane from Scotland, they've bought across a myriad of top quality indie acts from Carl Barat to The Drums. They've recently expanded their company to be a management company and record label. Their events are always in great venues such as The Hangout in Sai Wan Ho.

The first rule of Bunker Club, you do not talk about Bunker Club.
Yes, this is the place to go for your secret rave in the mountains, the forest, a country park or maybe even an actual bunker somewhere. Message the Facebook group with your email to receive the location (only released on the day of the event) along with a map.
Remember, it's a secret. Shhhhh!

Heavy Hong Kong

Hip hop, drum and bass, jungle, reggae. Nights most often held in the infamous XXX. Expect cool vibes and cool people, no champagne packages or VIP at these events. One of the rare few nights out you'll have in Hong Kong where you can experience a true night in the underground.

Follow these guys on Facebook and you should always be able find somewhere to go to fulfil your music cravings in HK.
Do you know of any other great music event companies in Hong Kong? Let me know!


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