The Chapman Brothers at White Cube

I had to check out this exhibition when I heard about it. My A-Level art teacher went to University with one the controversial brothers and often use to show us their work in class. "The Sum of all Evil" is the fourth installation in their series of "Hell" landscapes - made up of reworked paintings by unknown artists and little models. It is also the first time the brothers have had an exhibition in China.

A relic of modern day consumerism. 

Well worth the trip to the Whitecube gallery, a captivatingly grotesque display which fuses together the evils of war and mass consumerism. Lots of minutely detailed characters to look at in the chaotic display, I particularly liked the Hitler with his party balloons, overlooking the slaughter and chaos.

The Exhibition is at the White Cube Gallery until 31st August.

Address: 50 Connaught Road Central,

Take a right when exiting Exchange Square, it's about a five minute walk and the gallery is on the other side of the road.

"We're making work that contradicts the idea that art is inherently good and based on idealism"
Jake Chapman.

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